JonathanT. Tempel

Jonathan T. Tempel

Jonathan T. Tempel is a Senior Associate General Counsel at Anthem, Inc. in Indianapolis, IN. Jonathan T. Tempel attended Indiana University for his B.A and a graduate of University of Illinois College of Law, J.D where he practiced securities law. Jonathan T. Tempel from Indianapolis is a member of the Indiana bar with 22 years of legal experience. Aside from JT's passion for law, he enjoys riding motorcycles, scubadiving, and skiing. Jonathan T. Tempel is a Harley Davidson rider and considers himself a "Harley guy". From all the traveling that Jonathan T. Tempel does, he is familar with some of the best locations for scubadiving around the world, his three favorite locations include the Great Blue Hole in Belize, Richelieu Rock in Thailand, and the Navy Pier in Western Australia. Jonathan T. Tempel enjoys traveling from the circle city in Indianapolis to other popular ski destinations to hit the slopes.

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